Is liquidating your assets the best option for you if you are struggling to pay down your debts? What is the better option — bankruptcy or a proposal? How long does it take to complete a bankruptcy? If you are looking for answers to these questions and more, take a look at the articles on this page.

New Payday Loan Law Protecting Albertans

Payday loans provide short-term financing when people find they have more month left than money. There is now new legislation in place to protect vulnerable Albertans in need of short-term financing to ensure those individuals that need a mid-month advance on their paycheque are protected from excessive fees.

Retire from Financial Distress – Help for Seniors Dealing with Debt

A fixed income like a government pension, often leaves very little budgeting room for any extras, especially debt repayment with interest. Your golden years should be a relaxing time in your life, but financial distress may be blocking your path to worry-free retirement. What can you do when you are in debt and your retirement dollars are stretched too far?   

Understanding Student Loans – Part 2: In Insolvency

Understanding Student Loans is an important step to getting out of debt. For borrowers who are in financial distress, an insolvency solution such as a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, may be the best way to get back on track. Here is what you need to know about student loans and insolvency options.