Privacy Policy

General Outline

The safety of your personal information is a priority at Frederick and Company Ltd. You are always in control of the information you provide to us. You can view our website or contact our office without having to provide any personal/sensitive information. If you are looking to have a question answered, keep in mind that without providing us with personal information specific to your circumstances, the answers we can provide will be general in nature.

We understand that contacting us can be hard, especially when we aren’t meeting in person due to circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are uncomfortable disclosing certain information pertaining to your situation, please let us know and one of our representatives can explain if/how that will affect the information, answers, and estimates that we can provide.

In-House Software Development

To improve the services we provide, we are developing our own internal software to help regulate and manage the duties, documents, records, and information managed by our office. To do this effectively, we have contracted the services of a third-party software developed. This developer, while having access to our administrative records, is bound to a strict privacy agreement, and is constantly improving the security measures used to safeguard the information we collect.

What Kind Of Information Do We Collect?

By contacting us through our website or via email/phone, you can expect us to request your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address

If you attend a consultation or would like answers more specific to your situation, we will request documents or information including, but not limited to your:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Household
  • Taxes
  • Business History
  • Employment History
  • Previous Insolvency History
  • Etc.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Information

When communicating with you, we may collect, store, and make use of the information including but not limited to the following purposes:

  • To further communicate with you,
  • To create/amend a consumer proposal after being provided with your consent
  • To update our records regarding your file
  • To update our administrative processes
  • To improve our processes and business development

All information is kept secure by consistently monitored technological measures. Depending on the stage of our affiliation, we are subject to different requirements regarding the disclosure of your information. If you have not filed an insolvency proceeding with our office, your information will not be disclosed to any other parties without your knowledge or consent. If you have filed an insolvency proceeding with our office, your information will only be disclosed or distributed when required by law and only after informing you or acquiring your consent. Any information provided will be limited to only what is legally required at the time. If you have any questions about what these legal requirements are, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Access and Control of your Information

Consent: You may allow the access of a friend, family member, or other third parties by providing our office with expressed written permission. We will not provide information to anyone not listed as having consent from you to access your information.
Changes: If the information we hold regarding you or your file appears to be incorrect or incomplete, please contact us immediately with the details of what you’ve identified.
Documents: Any documents provided to us will be kept in a secure electronic database. You may request that we provide you with an electronic copy of these documents.


By continuing to use our website or services and/or by submitting information to us either through our website or by contacting us via email and/or phone, you consent to Frederick and Company Ltd. collecting and storing information as described in this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this policy or how your information has been used, please contact us at

If you have not received a satisfactory response to your questions or concerns after contacting us, please direct your question or complaint to any of the following professional industry associations:

Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals:

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Frederick and Company reserve the right to change this policy at its discretion.