“Frederick and Company took what was a very hard and desperate situation for myself and my family and turned it into something very manageable. They lifted the giant elephant off my back. The service they provided and the solutions they implemented were truly life-changing!”

We are very grateful for every testimonial we receive from our clients.

– I contacted Frederick & Co back in 2021 for guidance handling some debts, the largest being with CRA as a self employed individual. 

Over the course of two years, Rebecca and her team have been in my corner as I’ve prepared to enter consumer proposal.

From sitting with me during panic attacks from stress to giving me hard-to-hear facts and holding my hand through each and every step, Frederick & Co. has been compassionate and non-judgemental. I was terribly nervous to do this, afraid I’d be condemned and belittled, but every person I worked with was so reassuring and kind. 

I was so nervous to sign the papers but when CRA began threatening garnishment and we had to move quickly to protect my income, Rebecca and her team flew in like an absolute whirlwind. Thankfully a lot of the work had been done over the previous two years, but not a second was wasted getting things into place. 

At every turn, my questions and concerns were answered with unbiased information.  I felt so supported and guided through the entire process.

I simply cannot say enough good about Rebecca, Stanley, Colleen and their team mates. My life has changed because of their work. I would recommend them a million times over to anyone who is struggling with debt and feels overwhelmed. 

– RM

Having had the opportunity to work with Frederick and Company, the service went beyond

what I was expecting.  The staff I dealt with were very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.

They kept me informed at all times of any progress in my case and helped me through any questions and

issues I had.


I would strongly recommend Frederick and Company to anyone in need of a solvency trustee.

A special thanks to the staff that got me through the process. 

 Thanks, PW

Having had the opportunity to work with Frederick and Company, the service went beyond what I was expecting. The staff I dealt with were very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.

They kept me informed at all times of any progress in my case and helped me through any questions and issues I had.

I would strongly recommend Frederick and Company to anyone in need of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

A special thanks to the staff that got me through the process. 


PW – Edmonton, Alberta

We are pleased to offer this testimonial to Frederick and Company and staff. At the turn of the year 2019 we saw that our debt load was not only unmanageable but was going to worsen. We had gone to a couple of Credit Counselors earlier but their focus was on budgeting and increasing the amount of money coming in via garage sales and the like.

By May we determined we had to do something serious about the situation which at that time our overall debt was over $140,000 with an annual income of about $30,000 a year and a heavily mortgaged house and both of us facing retirement.

We made an appointment with Frederick and Company to review our situation and advise us of our limited options. Our counselor sent us home with information we needed to make a decision after a lengthy meeting. Based on the information she provided us we went back and committed ourselves to the Consumer Proposal.

The proposal was signed by each of us on June 10, 2019, which committed us to make regular monthly payments over the next 5 years. With all credit cards removed from us and all outstanding debt reduced to easily manageable monthly payments we were able to budget our money in such a way that we were able to complete our commitment in 4 years. Now we are debt free and slowly rebuilding our credit.

Our success was not possible without the help and advice provided by the staff of Frederick and Company who were always available to answer questions or concerns over the full duration of the proposal.

We highly recommend to anyone facing a financial situation that seems hopeless to contact Frederick and Company because there are ways to take care of the debt in a manageable way that not always includes bankruptcy.


R & B



To all Albertans who may find themselves in the same position I was recently in:

Over the years, I had accumulated $70,000 worth of consumer debts due to several factors: a dental procedure that I underwent to improve my mental well-being, which was supposed to be covered by my benefits but was later rejected; impulsive spending; being the sole income provider for a family of four; and, most recently, sudden unemployment due to the pandemic after having a stable, well-paying job that required me to work 50-70 hours a week. I found myself collecting CERB while searching for a new position in my field, struggling to make ends meet. I had never encountered difficulties with monthly payments before the pandemic hit, but within two months, I began to notice the challenge of making ends meet. Wanting to return to work, I took a job outside my field, which came with a significantly lower wage than I was used to. Although better than CERB, it still resulted in a tight financial situation. I made cuts to ensure my family’s basic needs were met while pursuing positions in my field with the salary I believed I deserved. This continued for a couple of years until I reached a point where even making minimum payments became a struggle. I found myself choosing between providing shelter and food for my family or making monthly interest payments of $1,700 with minimal reduction in the principal amount owed. At this point, I realized I was just “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.” Rising interest rates and the increasing cost of living exacerbated my panic, and my stress levels soared as my mental health deteriorated rapidly.

I reached out to a family member to discuss my feelings and experiences. They provided me with advice and directed me to contact a company to discuss my circumstances. I got in touch with “Frederick & Company,” an establishment located in Sherwood Park, AB, and scheduled a consultation. Upon arrival, I was incredibly anxious, trembling with shame and feeling small due to my inability to meet my financial obligations. However, upon meeting Colleen, an administrator at the firm, my anxiety subsided. She immediately put me at ease, creating a comfortable environment for me to open up and discuss how to move forward. Colleen explained that my situation was common and that bankruptcy wasn’t the only solution. In fact, there were seven different options depending on one’s unique circumstances. After an open and honest discussion with Colleen, it became clear that a consumer proposal was the best fit for me. Despite the financial strain, I had an income that could support monthly payments while leaving room for personal expenses. Leaving that meeting, I felt a glimmer of hope that life could improve.

In subsequent appointments with Colleen, I provided a simple list of my debts, assets, and income. Colleen took care of the rest. Before signing any paperwork, she meticulously reviewed her calculations, showing me a rough draft of what my creditors would see. She took the time to ensure I fully understood the process, with no hidden clauses or “fine print.” This transparency was a huge relief. Rebecca, the head of the firm, also met with me to review the draft and make necessary adjustments, highlighting the teamwork and meticulous approach of the firm. It was evident that they genuinely cared about my best interests and were willing to invest the time to do things right.

Within a couple of months, the proposal was submitted to creditors, with a 45-day waiting period for their votes. Each dollar owed to a creditor represented a vote. I learned that consumer proposals were a standard process with high acceptance rates. A key component of the proposal agreement was my commitment to attend and complete two financial counseling sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes. During these sessions, I worked with Elaine, another administrator at the firm. Elaine’s pleasant demeanor and guidance empowered me to take control of my financial future. She provided valuable insights on budgeting, saving, and healthy spending habits, increasing my awareness of how to regain financial stability.

Now, I pay $125 per month for the next five years. The consumer proposal offers flexibility, allowing me to pay extra each month or the entire amount as a lump sum without penalties. What began as a daunting and uncertain situation ultimately resulted in a positive outcome. I’m on a journey towards improved mental well-being and financial stability. For years, I did my best to meet my obligations, and my only regret is enduring unnecessary stress while deciding on a solution. Armed with newfound knowledge, I strongly encourage anyone facing similar financial distress to reach out to Rebecca, Colleen, or Elaine at Frederick & Company in Sherwood Park, AB. There’s no risk, no judgment, and the initial appointment is free. Embrace vulnerability, openness, and honesty, and any trustee from this firm will guide you towards the right path. My aim is to instill hope in others struggling with debt by sharing my experience and advice as a consumer. Additionally, I hope to contribute to breaking the stigma and embarrassment associated with consumer proposals and bankruptcies. 

Chris – Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Reader,

If you are struggling with overwhelming financial pressures, I unreservedly recommend you reach out to the team at Frederick and Company for support.

Coping with the heartbreak of a divorce and parenting my children through that would not be my greatest challenge. During this stressful time, revelations about our family’s financial situation included foreclosure on the family home, and the garnishment of my wages. There was no time for grief. I was terrified about being unable to pay for housing for my children and myself.

I needed solid financial advice from someone who was able to navigate through very complex issues pertaining to divorce and the separation of debt and assets. I needed immediate financial relief to meet my children’s basic needs. I had interviewed with another company, and they had reaffirmed my fear. The issues were muddy and complex at the intersection of “the division of assets, debt, and divorce”. I felt helpless and overwhelmed.

My next call was to Frederick and Company. Rebecca and Stanley met with me and my divorce attorney. The issues were complex. Rebecca and Stanley treated me with respect, empathy, patience and kindness. They were not afraid to jump into those “muddy waters”. They explained my options and the differences for me living within those options. They created a financial plan that permitted me to provide for my children. With the support of Rebecca and Stanley, I have had the garnishment lifted, found housing for all of us, and have an “achievable” financial path forward.

If you are struggling and afraid due to financial pressures, reach out to the team at Frederick and Company. You do not have to figure this out on your own. Frederick and Company will walk you through that frightening place. Rebecca and Stanley have,

  • Detangled the financial issues.

  • Customized a path forward according to my financial obligations – my family needs are at the forefront of the plan.

  • Treated me with respect, understanding, kindness and patience.

    I told Rebecca and Stanley I was deeply grateful for all they had done. I really couldn’t express sufficiently what their solutions, support and kindness meant to me. I wished that others knew about the important work they do.

    So I write this letter to you. 

Name withheld to protect the privacy of my family. Sherwood Park, AB

My wife and I had reached a point where we had been using credit cards to make ends meet. It became a vicious cycle and our monthly expenditures were much more than our income. This created a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. We did not know which way to turn. We were extremely embarrassed with our situation and reluctant to seek help because of this. Finally, we got to a point that we needed to do something. My wife googled solutions on the internet and this is where she found Frederick and Company and she sent an e-mail asking for help. They called us promptly and set up an appointment. We were very nervous and embarrassed about this first meeting. When met with Elaine she made us feel comfortable right from the start. She treated us with respect and was non-judgmental and assured us that we are not the only ones experiencing financial issues. She gained our trust right from the start and we had a huge weight off our shoulders when we left the first meeting. This was the start of several meetings with the Fredericks team members until the process was complete. We were shown all of the options available to us and received a full explanation on each option. They detailed each option financially and left the final decision to us on what option to choose. They explained to us how they would negotiate with the creditors and this gave us confidence that they were representing out best interests. The final payment agreement to creditors was certainly within our budget and we are pleased with the outcome.

I would like to thank the entire Frederick and Company team for their professionalism and compassion and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is experiencing a financial crisis.

G.S and P.S.  – Sherwood Park, Alberta

Elaine, I would like to thank you for all your help. It is a relief to not have to worry about creditors calling. Being able to sleep at night is wonderful. My only regret is not solving my problem sooner.

S.R. – Ardrossan – Alberta

I can’t say enough good things about Frederick and Company. They helped me get through a tough financial disaster which was impossible for me to deal with. I had tried to get help for years with nothing more than a series of painful and costly experiences, often with bad advice, before this. Thank you, thank you, Frederick and Company for helping me get through a low time in my life. And thank you for taking immediate action right from the start. I never thought I could catch up to the growing mountain of debt, but now I am debt-free after just 5 years of affordable payments! You guys are a godsend!!!

T.K – Dapp, Alberta

Thank you very much Rodney. I also like to thank Rebecca and especially Dee.. You guys are very compassionate, extremely professional and very hard working. This has been one of the most difficult times of my life and I appreciate they way Fredrick and Company was able to help me through my financial process. In these times you need the right people for help. I will be recommending Fredrick and Company to any friends or family that need assistance like I did.

Thank you,

S.F – Sherwood Park, Alberta

I would like to thank Frederick and Company for helping me through the Consumer Proposal. They were very professional and understanding in my recent situation. Once again Thank you for your expertise, much appreciated.

R.M – Edmonton, Alberta

I would like to say a huge thanks to Dee and her team at Frederick & Company! At a time when I felt hopeless in trying to direct my son through his debt, Dee was able to provide us with many options and great information as to how to go about getting a new start and getting him out of debt! She made us feel comfortable and not ashamed at all of the situation that was at hand! She was direct and spoke in terms that we could understand, and if we didn’t, we felt comfortable to say so! Again, thank you for your guidance and a new beginning for my son! I would highly recommend Fredrick and Company.

J.A Sherwood Park, Alberta

My wife and I have been fighting a losing battle against debt for years with no end in sight until we heard about Frederick and Company and decided to look into what they are about. Well, one thing led to another until finally, we made an appointment to meet with Angela. She took her time to explain what our options were to get out of debt. We left with forms to fill out detailing all our debt, expenses and income.

In our second meeting Angela went over the information we submitted and in conjunction with Rebecca, explained how we can pay back the debt in 5 years without going into bankruptcy through a consumer proposal. My wife and I discussed this option back at home and felt it was a good move to go that route. We signed the proposal papers in June 2019 and immediately the calls ended and our repayment schedule was a small fraction of our pre-proposal debt payments.

I know this is a brief summary of our journey out of debt but we can say the staff at Frederick & Company knew their business and as a result we can rest knowing we didn’t go into bankruptcy, we are rebuilding our credit, and most importantly we have once more peace of mind, not worrying about how to make the minimum monthly payments. A bonus for us were 2 sessions with Jessa to show us how to budget and how to rebuild credit. The information provided to us went a long way in helping us redirect our life in a positive way.

Frederick & Company saved us!

R.C & B.C – Sherwood Park, Alberta

Frederick and Company took what was a very hard and desperate situation for myself and my family and turned it into something very manageable. They lifted the giant elephant off my back. The service they provided and the solutions they implemented were truly life changing! I had the privilege of working with Dee Reid. Dee’s expert advice and compassion put me immediately at ease. She treated me with respect, integrity and during a time where I felt ashamed and lost she made me feel like there was hope! Frederick and Company looked beyond my debt and made me feel they truly cared about me and my best interests. I was referred to Frederick and Company by someone who had the exact same experience and I will absolutely be paying that forward.

C.S – Edmonton, Alberta

I’m so happy that I was told about Frederick & Company. I’ve learnt so much about how to manage credit and payments and just all in all day to day spending. If it weren’t for this amazing company, I would still be drowning in credit card debt. I’m so appreciative for everything they have taught me and I can’t wait to continue using all these tips/tricks and tools to further myself and never fall back down the same rabbit hole.

Thank you so much to all of you for all your help and education. More people need to be taught all this information so that they don’t get stuck in these tough situations. I strongly recommend Frederick & Company to anyone who feels like they can’t get anywhere with their payments and debt. This company knows what they’re doing and they’re more than happy to help you! Again, thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

S.J – Edmonton, Alberta

I am so pleased with where I am currently. After the last few months I am amazed that I am here at this place in my life. I can afford simple things again. A few months ago, I started adding up my debt and after that, I had to tell myself to take a breath and breath. I’m not sure how my “5 year plan” derailed….again. A friend referred me to Frederick and Company. Every person there is amazing, everyone was professional and gave me a feeling of welcome and warmth. Even though I looked quite the grub, I was treated with respect and courtesy. I am impressed by the competence of every person there and I believe I have met everyone. Direct, clear advice has brought me to a manageable place with my finances. And I can afford decent clothes now, lol. A lot of things came together to make things difficult and becoming disabled was a big one resulting in a serious drop in income. I can now manage this, thanks to all these people. My gratitude to all of them, everyone.

B.K – Redwater, Alberta

I would strongly recommend Frederick and Company to anyone in my situation. It is not easy to admit that you are in financial difficulty, even to yourself, and admitting this to strangers is probably what holds many back. Anyone who comes in will find an office full of friendly, understanding and knowledgeable staff, that can help put you on the right path for success. The process was quick, and relatively painless. I picked Frederick and Company based on the referral of a friend, and hope some day to pass along the good word to others.

D.N – Edmonton, Alberta

I would like to thank Rebecca Frederick of Frederick & Company for the work she and her associates did for some friends of mine recently. The couple she helped has accumulated a substantial amount of personal and tax debt that seemed insurmountable. This debt had caused them unlimited amounts of depression and stress, not their entire lives. They said:

“We felt like we would never be out of debt and were embarrassed, ashamed and afraid. We thought bankruptcy was our only avenue and we would lose everything. Rebecca showed us our options and we couldn’t believe how good they were. we are out from under our huge debt and can plan for our future again. We had give up hope on that ever happening. Rebecca saved our lives.”

I also can attest to how Rebecca has changed their lives and it is remarkable. I would most certainly recommend her to anyone in financial distress. I am proud to have her as an associate and friend.

J.S. – Edmonton, Alberta

When I found myself in personal and business financial distress, I was able to reach out to the team at Frederick & Company, and it was the best decision I ever made. Rebecca was able to provide information and clarity in a seemingly impossible situation, and I always left my meetings feeling optimistic and well informed on how to proceed. Rebecca and team were able to provide financial advice in a comfortable, judgement free atmosphere, while lifting the stigma that often comes with debt and financial struggles. I have and will continue to recommend Frederick & Company to anyone who is looking for debt management guidance and options – I really can’t say enough positive feedback about my experience! Thank you, Frederick and Company, for getting me on the road to clearing my debt and helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel!

L.W. – Sherwood Park, Alberta

When I found myself in personal and business financial distress, I was able to reach out to the team at Frederick & Company, and it was the best decision I ever made. Rebecca was able to provide information and clarity in a seemingly impossible situation, and I always left my meetings feeling optimistic and well informed on how to proceed. Rebecca and team were able to provide financial advice in a comfortable, judgement free atmosphere, while lifting the stigma that often comes with debt and financial struggles. I have and will continue to recommend Frederick & Company to anyone who is looking for debt management guidance and options – I really can’t say enough positive feedback about my experience! Thank you, Frederick and Company, for getting me on the road to clearing my debt and helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel!

L.W. – Sherwood Park, Alberta

No one expects to find themselves in a position where they have no choice but to file a proposal or bankruptcy. During this stressful time Rebecca and her team did everything possible to take the burden off of me and make this process as stress free as possible. I had consulted with a few trustees before meeting Rebecca and I can’t stress enough how different she was from the others. I met with two others from larger companies and the vibe was completely different. They were very rigid and you could tell that they were out to retrieve as much money as possible to benefit themselves. Rebecca was on my side during the entire process. She fights for her clients to get them the best outcome possible. I am in such a better place in life thanks to her hard work and it could not have gone any better. I hope no one finds themselves in this unfortunate situation but if you do you need to go to Rebecca and her team. There is no one better.

M.L. – Edmonton, Alberta

I was referred to this establishment by a family member who recently ran out of options to make ends meet and recommended making an appointment following their great experience. The service provided by the team at Frederick and Company not only assisted in giving financial relief but felt genuine support to helping solve what felt like an impossible obligation. They helped me to find stability and regain control in my life. They are professional, reliable, and offer a clear understanding of your options. I am so grateful for the experience I had working with them and would recommend them to any person who feels their financial responsibility’s can’t be managed. Every interaction with this team made me feel comfortable, understood and supported. If you need direction or financial support this is the first place to go! They truly care about helping you however they can and it’s so apparent in the work they do. I am so impressed with how professional and accountable this establishment is. They made a mountain of stress feel manageable, and I am so happy to be in control of my finances again.

L.N. – Sherwood Park, Alberta

Great experience! I won’t need to bankrupt the corporation in the end, Rebecca is a wonderful person and I learned everything I needed to in our meeting. Couldn’t recommend this company enough!

R.B. – Edmonton, Alberta

Anyone who has found themselves in the position of being unable to keep up with bills knows how devastating it all is to deal with. In our case, it was the downturn in the oil & gas industry that left us suddenly struggling financially. Facing it head-on is hard stuff… and once you reach the point of having to consider bankruptcy, it is embarrassing and feels like it’s all about to go from bad to worse. But the team at Frederick & Company was a much-appreciated light at the end of the tunnel! They were very friendly, understanding, and excellent to deal with… and they found an option for us to avoid bankruptcy, which gave us the fresh start we needed!

C.H. – Edmonton, Alberta

I was very fearful when I first came to Frederick & Company, but to my surprise that fear disappeared real fast. The debt load I was carrying kept me stuck in a fearful state, but much to my surprise that fear dissolved. I was in shock because I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I am very grateful for the fast and prompt help, I feel I went from an icebberg to a beautiful flowing stream where my finances are concered. The learning that I experienced during this process is beyond words, as well as how grateful I feel having Rebecca and her team assisting me through this.

Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful!

J.C – Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We went into this initially very scared, anxious and overwhelmed. But all of you were so patient with us and guided us through a very complicated process. We wish to thank ALL OF YOU – both of us once again feel like there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. You never judged us, even though we felt so ashamed about what had happened with our finances. We feel like we have our dignity back. All of you helped us to understand that bad things do happen to good people. Especially when you fall victim to a bad economy. God Bless All Of You!! – Thanks a million!

S.D. – Edmonton, Alberta

I had a significant amount of debt that was only getting worse. This had been a burden for years and I knew I would have to deal with it at some point but didn’t know where to start. I’m grateful that a friend recommended Frederick and Company. They were able to reduce the debt and put together a plan for me that is very manageable. Really appreciate what they did for me at Frederick and Company.!

A.W. – Edmonton, Alberta

Two years ago, I was in what I thought was a hopeless situation. Canada Revenue had started garnishing my wages due to my large unpaid income tax burden. Even worse than that, my bank got a court settlement against me for my line of credit that had gone bad and the collection agency would confiscate any extra funds. This was very frustrating, but I thought at least my debt was being paid off. Turns out, when I finally stopped burying my head in the sand and took a look, the principal had barely been touched and all my money was being wasted on the fees and interest.

When my wife finally reached out to her employer for help and advise, she was recommended to Frederick and Company. they immediately stopped the garnishments, consolidated my various debts into a bi-weekly payment that fits my budget, and even got the total amount reduced significantly!

Two years later, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My wife and I have finally been able to plan for our future, set up retirement savings, and I can look forward to rebuilding my credit. Also, none of this affected my wife’s credit score.

Rebecca and her team were fantastic and really put me at ease through this whole process. They really listened and gave great advice. I would (and already have) recommended their services to anyone who has gotten into financial trouble that they don’t know how to get out of. They can provide you with an opportunity to achieve peace of mind, financial security, and a future to look forward to.

K.M – Sherwood Park, Alberta

I like many other oilfield workers took a large pay cut when the price of oil fell. I tried many things to stay afloat but things were tough. I ended up getting a bunch of high interest loans to try and get help with my debts. I finally talked to a lady who pointed me in the direction of Frederick & Company. They helped me out so much that it was truly amazing. Anyone who gets into this kind of trouble should definitely talk to Frederick & Company as they were awesome to deal with.

Thanks Frederick & Company for the wonderful help and kindness!

C.S. – Stettler, Alberta

Frederick and Company are exactly the people I needed to talk to. Having just moved to a new city and finding it difficult to get a job in my choosen industry, my debts and obligations were piling up with worrying speed. It seemed like it would be a long and painul process to work my way out from under the pile.

A friend suggested Frederick and Company to me. They were very understanding, never once making me feel like I was a failure. They just focused on how to best help me get things back under control, and taught me what I need to know to stay on top of things in the future.

It’s been great working with them!

A.F. – Edmonton, Alberta

I did my consumer proposal through Frederick and Company. I was impressed how quick and straightforward the process was; my proposal was approved by my creditors as is and didn’t even require negotiation. Now I can proceed in life without being saddled with all that debt and am making a much needed fresh start. Thanks ladies!

E.S. – Edmonton, Alberta

We came to Frederick and company lost, confused and hopeless about our financial situation. We were welcomed and treated like normal people and it was a breath of fresh air. Everyone who works at this establishment is kind, understanding and very good at their jobs and will no doubt do everything they can to help and guide you in the right direction.

Frederick and company has given us a fresh start, a new outlook on life and confidence in our future.

C.M. – Edmonton, Alberta

Rebecca, I would not hesitate for a moment to endorse you and your fine Company. In addition to what you offer you have such a great , knowledgable and pleasant support staff, they have really helped us. This road isn’t an easy one to travel, but you also thought of so much to protect us. Thank you so much all my love.

S.D. – Edmonton, Alberta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and support through this difficult process. Not difficult in its execution but emotionally as I expect most people, like me, don’t do this by choice but as a result of circumstance and last resort. Your understanding, guidance and straightforward answers were most appreciated and invaluable. It’s not fun or easy to go through this situation, but when it’s necessary I find Rebecca and her team were more than capable and they try to reduce the discomfort as much as possible.

D.H. – Edmonton, Alberta

It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at Frederick & Company this year. They have been a vital resource during a difficult time in my personal life and have assisted me with my financial challenges in a knowledgeable professional manner. This firm has demonstrated top-notch business practice through collaboration with clients, transparency and insight as to options available to their clientele to achieve a successful outcome on an individual basis. I look forward to working with this team in my credit rebuilding stage and recommend anyone in financial distress to collaborate with these professionals.

S.D. – Edmonton, Alberta

I would like to share my experience with you about Frederick & Co. In the last five years, I went through a divorce and was unemployed twice. In all other parts of my life I was responsible and meticulous. I failed to properly educate myself and plan my personal finances. I procrastinated and things came to rock bottom. My procrastination was due to fear, denial and shame. Avoiding phone calls, not opening mail, using the overdraft to cover credit card minimum payments. It’s a nasty cycle to be on. You are not alone, you can make a change. The first step is to reach out for help.

When I was ready to change course, the team at Frederick & Co., helped me face my financial challenges. In addition to their expert advice, they treated me with respect, non-judgement and compassion. I really felt they were looking after my best interests beyond the debt, with information about financial management, planning for retirement and more. We talked about being accountable for one’s personal finances, learning from past choices and also to be compassionate to oneself. They always communicated clearly and in a timely manner. They helped me deal with the creditors. They provided the pros and cons of each potential solution and helped me make the best choice for my circumstances.

I am on a different path now with my finances now. Accountable, empowered and looking forward to the future. Making that first call is the hardest – and I encourage you to do it. With Frederick & Co….you will be in good hands.

C.N. – Edmonton, Alberta

Rebecca and Company,

Words cannot convey the amazing work your company does. You blindly go through this process, but with your guidance it was made easier. Any questions, or fears, I had were put to rest with a simple phone call. Your staff made me feel always welcome in the office and that someone was on my side.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

L.L. – Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you Rebecca Frederick for all of your help.

Due to a failing business, and as being personally responsible for the demise of said business, we found the need to contact Rebecca as there was no way that we could get out from this responsibility on our own. We sat down with Rebecca and she thoroughly outlined the whole process for us. She devised and executed our proposal in a very short time and helped us with our multitude of questions along the way.

She provided exemplary professionalism, caring, and confidence which greatly helped us get through this process.

We had an amazing experience working with Rebecca and would recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone else who finds them in need of this type of service.

V.P. – Edmonton, Alberta

I am so pleased and grateful for the services provided by Parveen at Frederick and Company. I was in a difficult financial situation based on the loss of my job and did not know where to get further help.

The solution they provided was immensely helpful for my situation. My stress was relieved and I can move forward knowing that I made the best decision to contact Frederick & Company Ltd. and I have options available.

I want to thank Rebecca and Parveen for all the assistance they gave me throughout the proposal process.

I had dug myself into a deep financial hole with no way out, I thought. Every month when I opened my bills it seemed to be getting worse. There was no way I thought they would ever be paid off and I did not want to leave my debt to my family.

I was referred to Frederick & Company by a family member. It was the best move I ever made. They listened to my dilemma and helped me through the process with care and understanding.

I am now looking forward to a promising financial future and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Rebecca and Parveen.

I would highly recommend Frederick and Company if you are struggling with your finances and need help.

M.M. – U.S.A.

After maxing out credit cards and my line of credit, I was still falling further behind while making my minimum payments. As a single male trying to carry a mortgage, etc., just one unexpected bill and my wheels would be spinning again trying to find the money. In my mind, the only option was to file for bankruptcy. It was while I was attending a luncheon, that Rebecca stood up to introduce herself to the crowd and explain that there were other options to paying off my debt. I called Frederick andCompany and after an initial first meeting with Parveen, I quickly found a way to reduce my payments substantially. Together with budget management, I’m breathing again, and sleeping too! Thank you Rebecca and Parveen. If you are struggling as I was, there is a way out and to feel good about yourself too.

M.L. – Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Thank you very much for your assistance and knowledge today.

I had a very good experience, right from the phone call to set up an appointment it felt like my situation was understood. I felt like I was given options dependant on my own financial situation and not some generalized program dealt to any lerson who walked in.

All of my concerns were not only listened to but were explained in good detail what each option would entail in terms of possible consequences. There was no pressure for me to choose any option and I was given as much time as I wanted to look over the numbers for each option on my own time. I was given good advice on which options were probably the best ones for my situation, but was in no way pressured into any suggestions.

My experience was very professional and comfortable and I will highly recommend anyone I know in bad financial standings to have a chat with Rebecca to go over what options are available to them.

T.W. – Edmonton, Alberta

I was in debt and had been paying minimum payments. I realized I would never pay them off at this rate. So 3 years ago I went back to work [was retired] and got very aggressive at paying off my debts. This never left much over for anything else, and of course I knew the original debt had long since been paid and I was only now dealing with the accrued interest. But nevertheless I became committed to pay them all off. Well in 3 years I have brought the total debt down by 50%. With continuing my commitment I could see where I could be debt free in about another 3 years.

Then I was told about Frederick & Company. I contacted Parveen and decided to go see what they had to offer. Parveen looked at all my documentation and said they would be able to help. I listened but was unsure as the proposal sounded a lot like bankruptcy which I had decided against at the outset. But the more I looked and listened I began to see the merit in the Proposal. Lower payments no more paying interest on the interest and an opportunity to start saving some money as well. Still undecided I went for lunch and thought over what I had learned. Deciding to go ahead with the Proposal I contacted Parveen to set up an appointment.

As we went over the entire proposal I could see a very positive side to it. But it was not until now when I did my part that I became aware of the large burden lifted off of me. I had not been aware of the amount of pressure I had been living with. Life has taken on a new look and I feel free and ready to live again.

If this sounds like you called Parveen @ Frederick & Company. I can only say thanks a lot Parveen for giving back my life.

R.E. – Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you Rebecca and Parveen for making my life enjoyable again. I strongly urge anyone going through financial difficulty to give these ladies a call. They know their stuff, they gave me a list of options with the pros and cons of everything. I was very embarrassed that I got myself into such a financial mess but they made me feel at ease and were very respectful. I no longer wake up with my stomach in knots and stressed out, not knowing what to do next. I have learned some very valuable lessons about money and their continued support makes sure that I keep on track with my finances.

Thank you again.

L.M – Edmonton, Alberta

I had reached a point where I was approaching all the credit limits on my various credit cards and lines of credit. My expenses were greater than my income and I was feeling like a failure, doomed to repeat this pattern yet again. In the past, I have simply gone to a mortgage broker and consolidated all my debt into my mortgage. This time, thanks to a conversation with Rebecca, I made the decision to explore all the options that were available to me with someone who would be clear, objective and compassionate. Now, Rebecca was not able to help me with my situation but she was able to show me what my options were and I walked away feeling empowered and able to make the best choice for me.

Thank you, Rebecca!

L.L. – Sherwood Park, Alberta

Frederick & Company were very helpful for what our needs were. Rebecca and Parveen were both very professional and friendly. They made us very comfortable while explaining how to choose between bankruptcy and a proposal and filling out the necessary papers. We are very happy for the results turned out GREAT. Thanks

C.W. – Athabasca, Alberta

Rebecca has completely put our lives at ease. Going through the process of financial hardship made my husband and I feel like we were completely alone and the only people struggling with this hardship. We did not know which way to turn, or where to start, or what our outcome would be. It always seemed that everyone told us “no” no matter what kind of help we needed. It became embarrassing and shameful.

I came across Rebecca’s services online and thought I would try again for proper advice. Rebecca took it to a kind, personal level of respect with communication. Instantly, Rebecca showed us no matter what, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She kept us positive, focused, and most of all, told me to have faith. Her expertise and kindness brought us through a process of help, advice, and most of all no judgemental thoughts. The stress of living has diminished with the procedures we had to take. Rebecca is one of the most positive people I have turned to for help, and her professionalism is outstanding.

I can’t thank you enough Rebecca.

M.W. – Strathcona County, Alberta

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for us as our trustee. When my husband and I first came to you, it was at a very low point in our lives. We never thought we would find ourselves in the situation we were in. After our first meeting, we felt that we understood our dilemma much better, and what we needed to do going forward.

Thanks for being there to answer the (many) questions I had throughout the process, and guilding us towards the lights at the end of the tunnel.

D.O. – Edmonton, Alberta

Frustrated. That’s exactly how I felt. 6 years after a divorce and a bankruptcy and I still had debt. Debt from student loans I had taken out many, many years ago to learn a new trade and support my family unit. Now facing a new life and wanting to move forward – the debt was still facing me. Hanging on me. My new career choice was affected by my overhanging debt. Now I could not move forward. I was very lost, stuck and feeling powerless. I visited a good friend with a financial services group. She told me that she knew of someone who may be able to give me a hand to sort things out.

This is where Rebecca with Fredrick and Company Ltd. walked in. She was open, concerned, non – judgementaland straight to the point. She was exactly what I needed. She talked me through my options. I knew what I wanted but she helped me to get what I needed.

I am now well on my way to achieving my goal of being debt free. A huge weight has lifted and there is still work to be done. I know that I can contact Rebecca at any time to answer my questions or quell any concerns I may have.

Its been my pleasure to work with Rebecca and it has been a pleasure writing this testimonial attesting to such great service and a human connection in spite of the heavy burden I felt.

H.L. – Edmonton, Alberta

Going through debt issues is tough, but it is even tougher when you feel like the whole world is against you, including your trustee. When I met Rebecca I had been to see two other trustees from different companies for advice, counsel and for service; but it wasn’t until I met Rebecca Frederick that I finally was able to get my finances in order. Rebecca was knowledgable and fair, she spoke openly and without judgement on my options, the procedure and her role in the proceedings. She managed to do this with compassion and understanding, maintaining her professional role as trustee while navigating those emotional waters. She also was willing to work swiftly. I cannot tell you how much peace it gave me to have the creditors stop calling and to finally be able to budget for my future; knowing that those past honest financial mistakes were not going to keep haunting me forever. If you think you are in trouble with your finances, I would strongly recommend speaking to Rebecca sooner rather than later, not only for resolution but for peace of mind.

C.S. – Edmonton, Alberta

Patience and dedication are two top things that stood out in Rebecca. Previous to meeting with Rebecca I was unaware of where my financial situation was at and was overwhelmed. Rebecca helped me realize that the situation was manageable and broke it down into workable steps so I could reach financial freedom. I highly recommend Rebecca for independent business owners and individuals who may want to better their finances before considering bankruptcy.

M.R. – Lloydminister, Alberta

I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. Your timely responsiveness and professionalism is wonderful and I look forward to working with you and your associates for all of my accounting needs. I have been referring your organization to anyone that is looking for accounting services and I cannot say enough great things!

J.R. – Strathcona County, Alberta

I was referred to Rebecca by InvestorsGroup because of my debt situation. I thought I was about $80,000 in debt and needed help with a consumer proposal. I met with Rebecca and she gave me a ton of useful information on my options and the best way to keep bankruptcy off the table. She was helpful in guiding me though the process of gathering my information.

When I pulled my credit report I found I only owed my student loan and 1 other bill, so I did not need her services but I would highly recommend this company as a debt solution to anyone looking to make the choice to get out of debt.

I do hope I never have to call on her services but if I ever find myself in debt Rebecca and her team will be my first phone call.

I wish Rebecca and her team all the best in 2015 and will be referring anyone I know with debt to give her a call.

M.S. – Edmonton, Alberta

Rebecca was very professional and confident about the outcome of her work. I felt very comfortable with the way she explained each step of the process. Having financial issues is not easy to deal with and Rebecca provided the solution to that I was looking for. Thank you so much Rebecca!

A.B. – Edmonton, Alberta