Get back in the black.

Are you living to pay down debt?

Does the mounting interest on your bills making the payments feel impossible to finish?

You have options for getting back in the black.

From Financial Distress to Financial Success™

It begins with a conversation.

No sell, no pitch, and at no cost. Just real help from our team at Frederick & Company Ltd. educating you on all of your options.

We can help you…

Get back in the black.
Move forward on your own path.
Focus on what matters most in your life.

Get a fresh start. Your way.


Frederick & Company Ltd. is taking precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19. We are limiting our meetings with individuals to meetings over the phone or by video conferencing whenever possible. We are still open for business and ready to help anyone in need of debt restructuring. The good news is that by being limited to meeting over the phone or by video has created an opportunity that allows us to meet with people all over Alberta to help them with their debt management needs. If we can help you please give us a call.

Can a doing-it-yourself approach to debt management work?

Yes – we will look at all your options including managing your debt on your own which could include strategies like re-financing your home or consolidation loans. You will learn many assets are protected from your creditors and how creditor collection works to help you manage your debts on your own.

What other options do you have?

We will also educate you on settlement options taking your unique circumstance into consideration. We review what informal settlements, orderly payment of debts, bankruptcy and proposals would look like so you can easily compare each option available to you.

It starts with a conversation.

By educating you on all of your options we can help you start understanding which options may be the best fit for you – whether managing your debt on your own or settling your debts – and with this knowledge, you can make an empowered decision about your path forward. Your path, your way.

Let us help guide you back on your path.

No sell and no pitch, just real help.


Imagine yourself back on a path towards your ideal life instead of working just to make it to your next debt payment.

Imagine coming home from work with no weight on your shoulders, no tightness in your chest, knowing you are back in control of your finances and debt is no longer controlling you.
Imagine enjoying your free time, family and friends without the nagging doubt and worry created by the uncertainty of not having a clear way forward.
Imagine your phone ringing and no longer worrying about who is calling because you have a plan to manage your debts and become debt-free, your way.

We can help you make this a reality. Getting you back in the black and moving forward to focus on what matters most in your life.

From Financial Distress to Financial Success™

Did you know you do not lose all your assets in bankruptcy?

Understanding bankruptcy helps you avoid bankruptcy. Making the best choices for you and your family starts with getting informed so you can actively choose the right path for you.

Have you considered using your RRSPs to pay the debt down?

Did you know that RRSPs are protected from your creditors and your creditors cannot take them? Understanding these protections – and more – will help you to make an informed decision about how to restructure your finances to get out from under your debts while ensuring you have a healthy future financially.

Do you want a plan that fits your priorities?

We are all making choices and compromises each day based on our priorities and values. Get empowered to find the best solution that fits both your priorities and your budget. We will help you understand your options so you can find a compromise that gets you moving forward in a way that works best for you, your budget, and your family.

Get back in the black.

From Financial Distress to Financial Success™