Is liquidating your assets the best option for you if you are struggling to pay down your debts? What is the better option — bankruptcy or a proposal? How long does it take to complete a bankruptcy?

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3 qualities to seek out in a financial advisor

Are you feeling the pinch financially? When you are having financial troubles it can be hard to know who to turn to for advice. Many challenges in our lives can be discussed with the people closest to us. Whether we are looking for a good mechanic or are having marital problems our support circle of close friends or family help us to work out the solutions to our problems. 

Financial difficulties are one of the few issues where we can choose to suffer in silence to avoid embarrassment rather than discuss them with those that love us most.

The Five Biggest Mistakes That Will Keep You Struggling With Debt

When your budget gets squeezed by all your obligations and you have more month left than money it can be a really tight spot to be in. Some of the typical strategies, rather than helping you, can lead to even bigger problems in the future. Here are the Five Biggest Mistakes that will keep you struggling with debt and how you can avoid them forever.